About Us


Guangdong Jiangsheng (JS) Aluminium CO., LTD was founded on 3rd September 2016 and operates as a subsidiary company wholly owned by the Jiangsheng Group. The company is situated on a 170,000m2 site in the city of Taishan, Guangdong Province, P.R.C.  Guangdong Jiangsheng (JS) Aluminium CO., LTD (previously known as TaiAo Aluminium), has operated successfully for more than 16 years in the aluminium extrusion industry. As an integrated aluminium extrusion company, JS services include die design, aluminium billet casting, extrusion, anodizing, powder-coating, special finishing, various testing, fabrication and international shipping and delivery service.

JS Equipment and Technology.

JS has multiple integrated production lines utilising advanced technology and imported equipment to meet the most exacting requirements. Premium quality ingots and raw materials are sourced from internationally renowned suppliers.  JS uses the latest technology and equipment to ensure strict and effective quality control to guarantee customer satisfaction.

JS Products

Products manufactured and exported by JS include: high-end decoration components, transportation components, shower door frames, residential and commercial window and door sections etc. JS products for the domestic market include household appliances, transportation components, construction components, electronic devices including high-end cell phone components. JS is one of the few Chinese extruders certified to manufacture helicopter landing decks (helidecks) and currently produces in excess of 60 decks per year.  

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